I absolutely love traveling.  It’s an incredible way to learn, grow, meet new people, and experience new things…
But if there’s one thing I enjoy almost nearly as much as traveling, it’s the feeling of getting back home!  There really is nothing better than feeling at home in your own home.
We spend nearly half of our lives in our homes, so we’ve compiled the top 10 best things about getting back home after a trip.
1. Seeing your family
If you’re traveling without your family, the #1 thing most people enjoy about getting home is seeing their family!
2. Seeing your pets
Most people consider their pets to be a part of the family, so #2 is an easy one.  Walking in your door after a trip to be met by your dog(s) or cat(s) is always a fantastic feeling.
3. Falling into your bed
There’s something special about getting home, dropping your bags and falling face first into your own bed.  The feeling is glorious.

​(Image from BBC)
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4. Crashing onto your couch
Much like #3, crashing onto your own couch is a special time after a long  trip away. Families spend a lot of time in their living rooms, so it’s no wonder that this made it in the top 4.
5.  Making food in your own kitchen
#5 is only applicable to those of you who have stocked kitchens waiting for you when you get back in town.  If you do however, you know how good of a feeling it is to finally be home, reach into the proper cabinets, and cook yourself a meal in your own dining room.
6. Using your OWN bathroom
Many people view their bathrooms as their sanctuaries. We believe you should like the way your bathroom looks.
7. Feeling the security of being in your home
There’s just a sense of security that we all get from being inside our home with our belongings.
8. The Smell
When you get home after being away for a while is one of the few times that you can actually smell what you’re house smells like. Stop, take a deep sniff around, and see how other people smell your house.
9. Knowing where everything is
It’s really nice to move around the house knowing the forks are here, and the dog food is there. Doing tasks from muscle memory is relaxing.
10. Clearing emails at your own desk
More and more people are working from home offices now, and rounding out our top 10 list is being able to sit back at your own desk to clear emails and catch up on work.
Think we missed some?  Comment below and let us know what you think?
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